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Der Schinderhannes
Inn Schinderhannes
Untere Hauptstr. 34
92637 Weiden
Tel.: 0961 / 444 23
Fax : 0961 / 388 188 0
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Monday-friday from 16:00 o'clock
Saturday, sunday,
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The schinderhannes!

Johannes Bükler (c.1778- 21 November 1803), nicknamed Schinderhannes, was a German outlaw who orchestrated one of the most fascinating crime sprees in German history. He was born at Miehlen, the son of Johann and Anna Maria Bückler. He began an apprenticeship to a tanner, but turned to petty theft. At 16 he was arrested for stealing some of the skins, but escaped detention. He then turned to break ins and armed robbery on both sides of the Rhine, which stood as the border between France and the Holy Roman Empire.
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